How to Get Hired in a New Industry (Even if You Have No Relevant Experience)

Applying for a job in a new industry where you don’t have any relevant work experience? 

I see you staring at your resume, worried how to make it stand out when other candidates have an edge on you. They have more experience.

Here’s a little secret: recruiters value work experience in the field, but they are also looking for someone with initiative.

Can you show them you have initiative?

Turn your lack of industry experience from a negative into a positive!

Here’s what I recommend to clients: Make your journey to learn this industry publicly available on the Internet. Share what you’re learning!

Nowadays you can find an online course on any topic imaginable. You can even find books, podcasts, and YouTube videos.

Step 1: Learn as much as you can.

Step 2: Create a blog about the industry, technology or skill you’re trying to break into.

By teaching what you are learning publicly, you’ll show hiring managers that you take initiative. They can see how you think, how you process information, and how you communicate.

Just do that ONE THING and you’ll be miles ahead of most of your peers. Even the ones who’ve worked in the industry!

  • Recruiters see that you learn fast, you’re self-directed, and you have a can-do attitude.
  • Hiring managers will see you as a creator, not a consumer of information.

Lots of people take courses. How many of them actually turn around and educate others on what they are learning?

– Hardly any.

Be that unicorn.

After consuming your content, your future employer should say, “Wow, even I learned something!”

You, as a newcomer sees their industry with new eyes. You bring new insights to the table.

Stand in that power and don’t apologize for it.


Don’t forget to distill what you’ve learned into a short bullet point for your resume. You can write about it in your cover letter too. This is a golden opportunity to share your perspective. Link to your blog or YouTube channel (or however you publish your content) so a recruiter can check it out to see more.


Find an influencer in the industry you’re trying to break into.  Tweet them to see if they’ll give you feedback on your content. (First retweet and comment on their content).

Get noticed and avoid getting lost in a sea of resumes. 

TURN YOUR NEGATIVE (Lack of Industry Experience) INTO A POSITIVE (Teaching You What I’m Learning Blog/Video Series/etc)!

Two people Shaking hands, sealing the deal.

Next Steps:

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