Entrepreneur Gives Great Advice: What To Do When a Client Asks You For a Discount

I read this article on Entrepreneur.com and found it very useful. Often, clients will try to get a discount, and it puts me in an awkward position.

If you’ve been asked for a discount, you may benefit from this article as well.

When Clients Ask for Discounts, Ask Them … Why?

“As a professional public speaker, I have fees, as well, which are listed publicly on my website. I am not cheap, but I’m also not unreasonably expensive. And I always try to be transparent in my pricing. That means that I prefer not to waste my time on price negotiations.

Sometimes, though, potential clients contact me and say, “We’d love to hire you as a speaker. But can we get a discount?” I’ve found a great way to deal with these discount requests: I ask my customers, “Why?”

My usual reply also includes something alone the lines of, “Is there a specific reason you believe you are entitled to a discount?” Without my directly saying yes or no, I’ve thus bounced the question back to the customer(s), forcing them to consider what they’re asking and to give them a chance to point out something that could be of value to me.”

Question Mark

Source: Pixabay

Here’s a link to Read more… and don’t forget to see when the author DOES give a discount. I love the idea he presents and I intend to use it in my business!


Do you struggle to say no when someone asks you for a discount? Let me know how you handle it and if you found this script useful:

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