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Job or entrepreneurship? It depends on your risk profile. 

Are you artistic? Trying to make a living as an artist is hard. This is a recipe that works instead -- but it does require you acquiring some new skills.

Starving artist. You know that stereotype? XYZ makes a great living selling her art. Plus she teaches a step-by-step method to help you do the same. Read her career recipe. 

Working a dead-end or minimum wage job? Learn web programming and get a job making $50,000 or more. If you have an analytical or logical brain, you will find coding easier. But there are many English majors and philosophy majors and designers who love programming too.

There's a lot of hype around coding skills. Everyone talks about it. The fight over great IT talent in Silicon Valley makes head-line news. Find out if it's right for you... 

How to go pro as a photographer

Russell always wanted to be a photographer. His love affair with his camera started at six. He shares how he runs a six figure photography business from his home. 

Social Media Managers earn a living posting updates for businesses on different platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. If you love social media, and you're doing it anyway, why not get paid?

YouTube star. That's a profession that didn't even exist a few decades ago. Now it's a legit way to make a great living. Levi traces his path to success, and shows you how to do the same. 

iPhone developer: do you love the apps on your phone? Ever thought about creating an app yourself? You can get paid to develop apps for Apple devices.

A P.E. Teacher created an app to solve a problem he had. He turned it into a lifestyle business that pays his bills -- and then some. How can you scratch your itch and launch a product? 

Every considered becoming an android developer? you can build apps instead of just consuming them!

Mompreneur -- you've heard that term, right? We've curated career recipes from 6 different moms who started hobby blogs or businesses and turned them into gold. 

Are you worried about being laid-off? With all the down-sizing, automation and outsourcing, it's always good to have multiple sources of income.

Do you work a 9-5 job? Want to build a side income? Here are specific recipes that worked for Joanna, Peter, Hari, Adam, Jennifer, and Patrick. Will they work for you?

There are no overnight successes. Start building your personal brand NOW. Follow this step-by-step method with a single-minded focus on your end goal. To be the thought-leader you were meant to be.

You have a BIG idea. A movement. A tech startup. A biotech innovation. Well, Jim, Alice, John and Kavita did too. They share their career recipes here. 

Do you want to make money as a writer? The writers who make six figures have invested a lot in their own education. They follow a system to make money.

There are two kinds of writers: 1. Wannabe writers and 2. Real writers. Which one are you? If you're serious, learn how to go pro.   

If you love to play video games, why not build them? YOu can make money as a video game designer.

Spent 1000+ hours playing video games? Why not make them! Learn to be a game developer. Your experience as a player will give you an edge. 

Want a job that's hard to outsource? These skills are in high demand. You will be filling open positions instead of sending your resume down a black hole.

Plumbers, machinists, electricians earn 6 figures without a 4-year college degree. Our upcoming EPIC guide CAN'T OUTSOURCE ME is perfect if you HATE the idea of going to college.

Earn and learn apprenticeships. Skip 4 year college and the crushing debt and get paid to learn skills that pay the bills through an apprenticeship. In demand positions lying open with no candidates.

Want to get PAID to learn a hot skill that pays the bills? How about apprenticeships that pay a stipend? Join the EARN-AND_LEARN pre-launch list and we'll keep you posted.

Why Do We Jump Out of Bed Excited to Get to Work?

#hotskillspaybills is a social enterprise. Currently 1 in 5 kids experiencing foster care end up homeless and 77% earn less than $25,000 per year. We believe these statistics are unacceptable.  We have two measures of success for ourselves: 1. Did we make it easier for you, our clients, to connect with work that lights you up and pays the bills? 2. What did we, as a community, do to improve outcomes for kids in foster care? 

To learn more about our purpose + profits business, visit our About page.