Why Millennials Have Side Hustles: Understanding Generation 1099


Many urban Millennials freelance or have side-hustles. In the article, “Millennials are obsessed with side hustles because they’re all we’ve got” in Quartz, we find out why that is the case:


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Millennials didn’t invent the second job, they just branded it. Maybe that’s because many people assume the side hustle is just financially oriented, simply another adaptive response to recession-era economics. Google “side hustle” and you will find thousands of stories, but they are all focused on the how. As in, Dear internet, how can I make another $200 a month to cover my Verizon bill?

The sheer range of side hustles suggests there’s more in play than money. There are the well known app-based gigs, like Uber and TaskRabbit.


You’ve got the day job with a freelance extension–the full-time graphic designer who also has her own clients. Then there’s what you might ungenerously call the side hustle as self-promotion, which covers some yoga teachers and life coaches, though by no means all. Next along the line is the side hustle as self-delusion, i.e. spending years on some (doomed) artistic effort that will make the world care and understand, at last!

The author contends that when a generation that has been “raised with a “you can be whatever you want to be” ethos meets the worst job market in years”, you have a desire not to be pigeonholed and it also serves as a “distraction from your disappointment, or “a bridge between crass realities and your compelling inner life.”

Personally, the last line in the essay really got me thinking — isn’t this why I started HotSkillsPayBills? We show you how to thrive in the 1099 Economy.

In the best-case scenario, your side hustle can be like a lottery ticket, offering the possibility–however remote–that you just might hit the jackpot and discover that holy grail of gigs. The one that perfectly blends money and love. The one that’s coming along any day now.

It’s funny when you read an article someone else wrote and feel they articulated your WHY better than you could. Now off to write my About page. I’m inspired!!!

You can read more at qz.com – in fact, I hope you will.





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