Is a Solar Job the Best Way to Fight Climate Change and Earn a Good Living? (Link to US Solar Workforce Development Program)

I wonder what solar jobs pay? Also, are these jobs affected by political and policy changes? I would love to find someone to interview on this subject! Here’s an article that may be helpful if you are interested in a solar job. It connects you to a workforce development program:

New US solar workforce development program will help facilitate the training of more skilled workers : TreeHugger

New US solar workforce development program will help facilitate the training of more skilled workers : TreeHugger


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Derek Markham (@derekmarkham) Energy / Renewable Energy July 26, 2016


The Solar Training Network will work to build a diverse, qualified solar workforce to meet the needs of the solar revolution.


With the number of US solar jobs more than doubling over the last six years, and the solar industry adding workers at a rate almost 12 times faster than the economy in general, the need for skilled solar workers is high. However, as a relatively new field, training opportunities and employment infrastructure in the solar industry aren’t nearly as robust as in other established industries, but a new program could help change that.


A new solar workforce development program, funded by the US Department of Energy (DOE) SunShot Initiative, could help the booming US solar industry to meet the growing demand for qualified workers. The new Solar Training Network, backed by $2.1 million in funding over two years, is intended to enhance and build upon the current training resources available to both potential solar employees and solar employers, and to be an integral part of helping meet President Obama’s commitment of training at least 75,000 people for careers in the solar industry by the year 2020.


According to the website, the new initiative will benefit workers and employers alike by providing a “job seeker-to-employer connection platform,” solar training resources, solar job fairs and training events, a directory of solar training providers, and a comprehensive national directory of solar companies.


Other partners in the Solar Training Network include Solar Energy International, the Solar Energy Industries Association, GRID Alternatives, the National Association of Workforce Boards, the American Association of Community Colleges, and the Florida Solar Energy Center. Interested solar employers and solar training providers can join the program here: Solar Training Network.


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