Apprenticeships for Women (and Men) Need to Be Reinvented for the 21st Century Economy

I read this article about “pre-apprenticeships” for women and it really struck a chord for me. Let me know what you think! I curated some of the best insights from the article but I highly encourage you to read the whole article as there is a ton of great context in the original piece. We learn by doing and interacting with other humans.  And yet, so much of our education is sitting passively in a classroom. I’d love to see more integrated learning where experienced and skilled masters can mentor apprentices.

‘Pre-Apprentice’ Programs Can Break Open Jobs for Women | Women’s eNews

‘Pre-Apprentice’ Programs Can Break Open Jobs for Women | Women’s eNews


(WOMENSENEWS)– Say the word “apprentice” and it’s easy to imagine a welder in a hood alongside a journey-worker learning their trade.


When the hood comes up it’s probably a man’s face you see, but let’s leave the hood down for now.


Apprenticeship has been around for hundreds of years, but these days apprenticeship is largely seen as a training path for those entering the building trades or manufacturing.


The article talks about “pre-apprenticeships” as a way to get women ready for a real apprenticeships. I plan to look up the organizations mentioned in this article as well:

In Chicago, Chicago Women in the Trades trains about 75 women a year to compete for and succeed in apprenticeship programs in the area. In 2015, its graduates earned on average more than $17 an hour in starting wages and over time are expected to incrementally increase these earnings to up to $35-48 an hour.

Similar programs with similar levels of success exist in Oregon (Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc.); California (Tradeswomen, Inc.); Vermont (Vermont Works for Women); West Virginia (West Virginia Women Work); Mississippi (Mississippi Women in Construction); Seattle (Apprenticeship and Nontraditional Employment for Women); and other places across the country.

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